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'80s cartoons, 80's cartoons, 80's hair bands, 80's music, 80s cartoons, 80s music, ac/dc, acdc, acoustic guitar, ad&d, alcoholic drinks, aliens, all things celtic, alternative medicine, amazing race, american eskimo, american eskimo dogs, american eskimoes, ancient cultures, ancient egypt, ancient goddesses, ancient history, ancient wisdom, animal crossing, animal medicine cards, animal rights, animal totems, animal welfare, animals, animation, anime, anime music, anne rice, anthropology, anthropomorphic art, anubis, anything and everything celtic, arabian horses, archery, art, arthurian legend, arthurian legends, ashitaka, astral, astral projection, astral travel, astrology, astronomy, awakening, b5, babylon 5, barugon, bast, bastet, batman, bats, beer, blackadder, bon jovi, books, british comedy, bubastis, calvin and hobbes, canadian beer, carolina panthers, cartoons, cats, celtic, celtic culture, celtic harp, celtic history, celtic lore, celtic music, celtic mythology, celtic shamanism, celtic wicca, celts, cemeteries, civil war, classic rock, classical music, comedy, comedy movies, computer games, computers, cowboy bebop, cryptozoology, d&d, dbz, death saurer, dogs, dragonlance, dragons, drawing, drawings, dreams, edgar allan poe, egypt, faeries, fairy tales., falcons, familiars, family guy, fantasy, fishing, flight, flower fairies, forgotten realms, gaming, ghost tours, godzilla, gothic things, greek mythology, halloween, harry potter, hawks, helloween, horror movies, inkubus sukkubus, ireland, irish, japanese music, kittens, labyrinth, lizards, lord of the rings, magick, metaphysical, mp3s, music, mystical creatures, mythology, nature, phantom of the opera, reading, red dragons, resident evil, rush, science fiction, spirituality, stargate, supernatural, swords, tarot, therianthrope, transformers, video games, wicca, writing, zoids